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Garbage in Onondaga County was reported at 315,175 tons in 2012, according to OCRRA Waste-to-Energy reports. (c) 2014 Sara Gatcomb

Lawmaker Pushes for Dog Shelter at Local Correctional Facility to Benefit Inmates and Dogs

By , BDJ 464.01

By Cassie DiLaura SYRACUSE, N.Y (NCC News) — After Onondaga County Legislature rejected County Executive Joanie Mahoney’s request for an additional $100,000 on top of the already accounted $250,000 to build a dog shelter at the Jamesville Correctional Facility, Chairman Ryan McMahon took matters into his own hands. On October 14th, Chairman McMahon sent a letter […]

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Ash Trees in Onondaga Lake Park (c) NCC News 2014

40,000 Ash Trees To Be Cut Down


By Regina Sibilia SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — In an attempt to squash the feeding ground for the Emerald Ash Borer beedle, Onondaga County will be cutting down 40,000 Ash trees. The insects borough into Ash trees and suck up the nutrients inside. This kills the tree so its trunk begins to break and fall and […]

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