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Minimum Wage Doesn’t Cover Cost of Rent in CNY

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By Katie Benoit SYRACUSE, N.Y.(NCC NEWS)-  According to a National Low Income Housing Coalition report, the average person needs to earn $28,760 in wages to support themselves in a one-bedroom apartment Onondaga County.  The figure jumps to $36,240 for those renting a two-bedroom apartment. A local full-time worker being paid the $10.40 minimum hourly wage would earn $21,632 […]

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Consequences of the Minimum Wage Increase in Syracuse

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By Arlety Gonzalez SYRACUSE N.Y. (NCC News) —  Less than a month ago, Mayor Stephanie Miner increased Syracuse’s minimum wage by almost 70%. While many people support this idea which attempts to decrease the city’s high poverty rate, others are worried this could disadvantaged them. “It’s definitely going to help many people, but it also has the […]

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Rise in Minimum Wage?

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By Hunter Sáenz SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — With the rise of inflation and the cost of living going up, many politicians believe that a rise of the minimum wage is appropriate. That belief comes from the more liberal politicians, not so much the conservative ones. President Obama spoke today at Central Connecticut State University in New […]

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