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La Festa Italiana’s Journey Away from Clinton Square: a Rising Trend in Downtown Syracuse

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By Gabriela Knutson SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — One could barely talk over the deafening hum of the forklifts today on the corner of Montgomery and Washington Streets, as the workers set up Syracuse’s annual ‘La Festa Italiana.’ The three day festival begins tomorrow, and is set to feature a meatball eating contest, a bocce tournament […]

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Prices for Activities Around Syracuse are Nearing an Increase

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By Sean Robson SYRACUSE N.Y. (NCC News) —Syracuse’s Common Council is looking to implement legislation that would increase prices for activities and hobbies around the city. Syracuse hasn’t seen a fluctuation in prices of these sorts in nearly 10-15 years, which supports the city government’s reasoning. Ice skaters, golfers and hobby enthusiasts will need to […]

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Clinton Square Ice Rink Opens For Season, Now Facing Weather Issues

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By Jonathan Singh SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) – Clinton Square tripled their attendance record this past weekend as their outdoor ice skating rink opened to the public during past Friday’s Christmas tree lighting. There were over 300 people waiting to lace the skates up and hit the ice. Skating outdoors has it’s highs and low. […]

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News at 4:45 – Syracuse Celebrates Juneteenth

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The statue of Jeremey Rescue, who was helped to escape by the Anti-Slavery Liberty Party, stands as a symbol of Juneteenth on Clinton Square. That is where communities from all over came to Syracuse joined together to celebrate the annual Juneteenth parade. The festival hosted a parade at Central Square to commemorate the day that marked the […]

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Public Hanukkah celebrations to bring together community throughout Syracuse area

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By Alex Busch SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — This week marks the “celebration of lights,” as the Jewish refer to the winter holiday, Hanukkah. This year, Hanukkah falls just two weeks before Christmas, so the times do overlap a bit. But that won’t change the approach from those involved in spreading Hanukkah spirit. Chabad House […]

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