Mornings on the Hill

April 26, 2017

It’s our final show of the semester and we’re showcasing the in-depth stories produced by the  BDJ 500 Master Storytelling class, taught by Newhouse professors Bob Dotson and Les Rose.    We also have a preview of what to expect for MayFest.  Thanks for watching and we’ll see you in the fall!

Executive Producer: Fatima Bangura BDJ ’17

Producer:  Brianna Adams BDJ G’ 17

Associate Producer:  Ray Marek BDJ ’17

Anchors and Reporters:  Angelica Rodriguez BDJ ’17, Jacqueline Mundry BDJ G’17, Jamie Weiss BDJ ’17, Mariana Domingues BDJ ’17, Annalisa Pardo BDJ ’17, Connor Morrissette BDJ ’17, Bridget Chavez BDJ G’17, Meghan Mistry BDJ ’17, Sarah Minkewicz BDJ ’17, Jeff Slawson BDJ ’17, Jason Chen BDJ ’17, Lauren Sinatra BDJ ’17, Steven Krainin BDJ ’17,  Brooke Lutsky BDJ ’17, Brittany Muller BDJ ’17

Instructional Associates: Marlena Tuskes BDJ G ’17, Robert Schiff BDJ G ’17

Contributors:  Jonathan Cerio BDJ G’17, Jackie Prager BDJ ’17, Kristen Edwards BDJ G’17