Mornings on the Hill

April 25, 2018

Video Transcript:April 25 Transcript

It’s our last live show of the semester and we’ve got extended coverage of the expulsion of the Theta Tau fraternity campus, following the publication of offensive videos showing members using racial slurs and mocking disabled people. Our Kaitlin Pearson is live with the latest on the student protests and campus reaction.

Elsewhere, Nicole DeMentri has the story of OrangeSeeds The Big Event, which gets students off campus and into the community for a day of service.   Also, we introduce you to the student elected to speak to her fellow graduates at next month’s commencement.  And finally–it’s a case of double orange; twin seniors look back on their four years at ‘Cuse.

Congratulations to the Class of 2018; we’ll see you again in the fall, live Wednesdays at 10am on OTN.

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