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Newhouse Knows: All About the “Waist Trainer”

By , BDJ 667.01

By Lauren Melendez, SYRACUSE, N.Y (NCC NEWS) – Newhouse Knows is a franchise of “explainer” news stories produced by 2016 Broadcast and Digital Journalism graduate students at the Newhouse School. Explainer journalism clarifies the more complex facets of news stories, provides deeper background, or explains in greater detail how something that’s been in the news works […]

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Flooding Frustrations

By , BDJ 663.02

By Lauren Melendez SYRACUSE, N.Y, (NCC News) – Monday night Eastwood residents shared several complaints concerning the expensive repairs  due to recent flooding. Several of the neighbors of the Syracuse suburb waded through several feet of murky water and mounting frustration as they returned late evening to find their basements in disarray. Floating washing machines, picture […]

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