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The Fight Never Ends for a Cancer Survivor

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By Andrew Polino SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC NEWS) — Ann Marie Otis was declared cancer free six months ago. But today, as she sits in the waiting room of her therapist’s office, she doesn’t feel like a triumphant survivor. “There are aftereffects of cancer that nobody talks about at all,” Otis said. “There’s physical therapy, there are scars, there […]

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Solutions to Syracuse’s Sidewalk Problem Are In Short Supply

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By Andrew Polino SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) After a winter where Syracuse was officially the snowiest city in the U.S. and had its coldest month ever on record, the spring thaw is finally setting in. The first bicyclers are coming out, the first patches of grass are becoming visible, and the sidewalks are beginning to clear. Some of which […]

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Syracuse’s Drug Problem Hurts Efforts to Help the Homeless

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Dozens of people slept outside in below freezing temperatures on Friday night. The Rescue Mission held its annual sleep-out to raise awareness of homeless people in Syracuse. “People who are homeless and hungry are often invisible to most of us, but they are the reality our community has to face,” says Rescue Mission communications specialist […]

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