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Seasonal Depression Hits Heavier As Winter Arrives

Click play to learn about how seasonal depression impacts Syracuse University students.

Audio Transcript: Seasonal Depression Script

By Kendra Sheehan SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) –Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) also known as seasonal depression affects about five percent of the US population every year. The disorder is categorized by occurring around the same time every year. Most symptoms begin when the seasons change in the fall and continues into the winter months. Experts say lethargy, sleep problems, mood changes, overeating, and anxiety are all symptoms of seasonal depression.

Syracuse University student Kyle Cohen said less sunlight is what makes winters the most challenging.

“When it gets darker earlier, I just find myself going home so much earlier,” said Cohen. “Its also just so much harder to get up and start my day. In California when the sun is out I get a jumpstart to my day, but here its way more challenging for me.”

Experts said that learning to cope with symptoms early is important in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

SU student Engy Adham said its important for her to focus on her diet to stay healthy during the long winter months

“I keep warm by drinking lots of hot chocolate and tea, so even though its cold out, I don’t necessarily feel it,” said Adham. “I also make sure I am eating lots of fruits and vegetables and lean meats throughout the winter.”

Experts said their are several treatment options and those suffering from seasonal depression should seek their medical professional to set up a personalized treatment plan.