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Online Fraud Attempts: Here’s How You Can Protect Yourself This Holiday

Watch the video to hear someone's experience with credit card theft (c) 2018 Michelle Houston

Some shoppers are going online to find their Christmas presents. While this may seem more convenient for them, this could put shoppers at risk for credit theft

According to ACI Worldwide online fraud attempts were expected to increase during Thanksgiving and Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

This could be the same for Christmas this year.

According to ACI Worldwide last year fraud attempts increased by 22 percent from November 31st all the way up to December 31st. Just five days after the holiday.

So if you’re Christmas shopping online here are some things you should keep an eye on.

Timothy Guhl is the Office Automation Analyst at the Civic Center. He says checking the website you’re on helps.

” One, the URL remains consistent (bad actors have become very good at hacking legitimate sites and redirecting you to their site), and two the URL always starts with HTTPS once you get to your shopping cart. “, said Guhl.

Erica Rawlins is a graduate student at Syracuse University. She says she’s dealt with credit card theft firsthand.

“I think I need to reevaluate my activity on my phone because I use my phone so frequently and like I said I make purchases all the time.”, said Rawlins

Guhl says shoppers should be cautious while ordering online.

“There are lots of scams out there, even if they don’t take your credit card number. The shopping frenzy around the holidays is easy to fall into and that’s what the bad guys are waiting for. You let your defenses down.”, said Guhl.