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Amazon Christmas Tree Sales Aren’t Stopping People From Cutting Their Own Tree

Christmas Tree Farms and Amazon Transcript

By Ashtyn Hiron TULLY, N.Y. (NCC News) — Amazon is now delivering real, full sized Christmas trees right to peoples doorstep. However, it isn’t stopping Central New Yorkers from visiting local Christmas Tree farms to purchase their Holiday Tree.

With Christmas tree farms or stands scattered around Central New York, some farmers are sure that people will continue to buy trees from local vendors.

“I don’t think it is going to affect our business because we’re pretty specialized, we mostly sell ‘choose and cut trees’,” said Graham.

Bruce Graham, Owner of the Mary Christmas Tree Farm, has loyal customers that leave his farm with not only a Christmas tree, but with memories too.

“We have a lot of repeat customers and it’s the expreience they enjoy, it’s getting together, spending time out, getting cold, picking the tree, taking it home, and decorating it,” said Graham. “That’s something I dont think amazon will ever be able to compete with.”

Amazon are offering trees in a variety of sizes, some costing over $100. The trees are cut, boxed and sent out to the buyer.

“Your tree will take 1 to 2 business days to process and then depending on your location it will arrive 2 to 5 days later. The Christmas tree is covered by amazon’s standard return policy,” stated in the details of a an amazon tree that is for sale.

Graham said that they haven’t lost any customers yet, but amazon’s service is convenient for some.

“There are definetly people that want convenience, maybe they live in a big city, or they don’t have a car so they can’t drive out here, and they just want the convenience of a real tree shipped to them, there’s always going to be that factor,” said Graham

Freshly cut trees from the Mary Christmas Tree Farm typically last 6 weeks. Graham said the packing and shipping conditions of the amazon trees could affect their lifespan.

“It can’t be good for a tree to be out of water, especially if it’s going to a southern state where it’ll be warmer,” said Graham. “It’s definetly going to cut down the life of the tree and how long it will keep its needles when you bring it in the house.”

The Mary Christmas Tree Farm offer a wide variety of tree’s ranging from $30-$100.