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Local Wine Shop Encourages People to Give This Holliday Season

Gary Decker (left) is collecting nonperishable food items and toiletries for his friend Daniel Minton (right) at Vinomania. Anna Azallion (C)

Click the play button above to find out how one local business is encouraging people to give this Holliday season. 

Audio Transcript: Azallion Script

By Anna Azallion, SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — Many people choose to give during the Holliday season. Gary Decker, the owner of Vinomania in downtown Syracuse is encouraging people to do just that by collecting canned food and toiletries for a friend in need.

Decker listed a variety of products he’s asking people to bring to his store.

“Canned goods or socks or razors or toilet paper you know things that are basic necessities. we all have them but he doesn’t”

All of those necessities are being collected for Decker’s friend, Daniel Minton, who’s suffered a heart attack and has a bad back.

He and Decker met three years ago when Minton was collecting bottles and cans near Vinomania.

Now, Minton helps Decker with stocking shelves and other tasks at Vinomania. This Holliday season though, Decker wanted to help Minton.

His surprise for Minton is going how he planned, however.

“I’m a little dissapointed i’m going really? i’m just like you really can’t drive by here and bring one can of soup? even if you don’t shop here and you’re just a facebook friend do something.”

Out of the roughly 1,600 people who follow Vinomania on Facebook, Decker says only about 7 have brought nonperishables and toiletry items to the store.

Despite a less than expected turnout, Minton says he’s grateful for what has been brought to the store.

Decker set the Facebook event to end on December 22nd, but says he’ll keep collecting items as long as people keep bringing them.