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New York Cracks Down on Underage Drinking

By Max Chadwick SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News)- Governor Andrew Cuomo announced last Wednesday the results of underage drinking investigations conducted by the Department of Motor Vehicles and State Liquor Authority in the last three months.

A total of 271 people were arrested for using fake IDs to attempt to obtain alcohol. Twenty seven bars and concert events were listed where police arrested underage drinkers.

Owen Valentine, a 20-year-old Syracuse resident, believes Cuomo should focus his attention elsewhere.

“Don’t get me wrong, I do believe underage drinking is an issue,” Valentine said. “But with the increased violence this city and state has seen, I feel like we should be focusing on making the streets safer before we worry about underage drinking.”

Of the 271 arrested, 143 were from Central New York. They occurred at two concerts in Syracuse, Luke Bryan on August 17 and Kid Rock on September 14, as well as five bars around Central New York.

Valentine, a Syracuse University student, feels like underage drinking is prevalent on a college campus.

“As a college student, underage drinking is everywhere,” Valentine said. “It’s really hard to avoid when so many students partake in it. There’s pressure on underage students to drink alcohol.”

The arrests are a part of Cuomo’s Operation Prevent, which targets underage drinking hotspots across New York.