Saccone’s Sentencing Delayed Again


SYRACUSE, N.Y. – (NCC News) Family members of three victims killed in a car crash caused by Anthony Saccone in February expected to see him sentenced today.

What they actually got was just another turn in a saga that has stretched on for close to nine months.

Saccone was allegedly under the influence of cocaine and alcohol when he blacked out at the wheel of his car in February. That caused him to blow through an intersection and hit a car that contained Baylie Rose, 19, Michael Walker, 18, and Samra Osmanovic, 20. All three died on the scene.

A sentencing date was scheduled for last month before Saccone decided to fire his attorney during a court appearance. Saccone hired another and was supposed to be sentenced today when the new attorney, Randel Scharf of Cooperstown, informed the court that he couldn’t be present. A back injury from a car accident was too painful for him to bear in court that day.

“I have a bad back too, but I’m here,” said Onondaga County District Attorney Bill Fitzpatrick.

Judge Matthew Doran set November 19 as the new sentencing date.