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Landmark Theater’s Goal is Accessibility For All

The Landmark Theater is taking accommodations to the next level. Copyright Ally Bovarnick 2018.


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Audio Transcript Landmark Theater Ally Bovarnick WRAP

By Ally Bovarnick SYRACUSE N.Y. (NCC NEWS)— Landmark Theater in Downtown Syracuse has done extensive work to ensure that the special needs of patrons are properly taken care of. Their latest plan involved installing an elevator for people with physical limitations and disabilities.

Mike Intaglietta, executive director of the Landmark Theater said the main purpose of this project is to give access to disabled patrons attending functions that are held on the second floor.

“The biggest benefit for us is lobby events, weddings, and other trade show like things. We’ve got booths set up that now people will be able to have access to the entire theater,” said Intaglietta. 

The Landmark Theater adapted its building in the hope of helping those with special needs.

“We were able to, back in 2010, add wheelchair accessible restrooms on the main floor and add the assistive listening devices in 2010,” said Intaglietta.  

In addition to the physical changes made, the Landmark Theater also focused on the emotions involved with the special needs community.

“The biggest thing we have been able to do is be a little bit proactive and understand how to respectfully address questions that come up with people regarding disabilities,” said Intaglietta. 

The Landmark Theater has partnered with the AURORA group, a special needs educational group in order to facilitate better training for their employees. The partnership’s goal is to facilitate better training for employees.  

Intaglietta emphasized the training employees undergo to be an usher. He included this training as part of the special needs assistance program. He said the theater has made efforts to include disability etiquette training into their traditional usher training. Intaglietta also explained how the Aurora group works with the Landmark staff.

There are three different etiquette training with Aurora, in addition to the biannual usher training that The Landmark Theater does on its own. The partnership with Aurora provides teaching to the theater’s employees. The employees relay that training to the theater’s volunteers.

Intaglietta highlighted the need for the ushers to constantly be aware of special needs customers. He said this is important so Landmark patrons can be properly served.

“It’s an ongoing process,” Intaglietta explained.  “We are trying to constantly reinforce it amongst usher volunteers.”

The Landmark Theater works hard at creating a respectful and inviting atmosphere for all of its customers, especially those with special needs.