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Anthony Saccone’s Sentencing Delayed Again

By Olivia Proia SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC NEWS) – The sentencing of Anthony Saccone, who caused a crash that killed three people near Onondaga Community College in February, was delayed again. Saccone requested to withdraw his guilty plea, previously delaying his sentence.

His sentencing was pushed back again to Nov. 19 after his new lawyer, Randel Scharf, told the court he was in an emergency room on Nov. 6 and would not be able to make it to court.

Judge Matthew Doran explained the court did not accept that statement at face value, and Scharf was required to provide medical records and an accident report. Doran granted the adjournment after receiving those documents.

Doran acknowledged that he did receive an email on the people’s behalf asking for the sentencing to not be delayed, but he said when there is evidence of a medical issue, a delay is required.

“Although the court is very reluctant to grant an adjournment on today’s proceedings, the court is granting that adjournment,” Doran said.

District Attorney William Fitzpatrick questioned the legitimacy of the medical documents provided to the court, claiming they were inconsistent and dated wrong.

Fitzpatrick said that one of the letters was dated for Nov. 7, but the email that contained the letters was sent on November 6.

He also said the documents stated when Scharf is cleared to come back to work, but those dates did not match up.

“The letter, in my judgment, was an attempt to suggest he was recently in a car accident which is not my understanding. It happened a few weeks ago,” Fitzgerald said.

Fitzpatrick asked the judge for the police report from the accident which Scharf is involved in to confirm when that accident happened.

Anthony Saccone stood alone in the courtroom as his sentencing date was pushed back to November 19 due to issues with his lawyer’s heatlh.

“Quite frankly if I sound skeptical that sentencing is going to go ahead on the 19th, I am,” Fitzpatrick said.

Saccone made his sole statement today in response to Fitzgerald’s suspicions.  “You realize you’ve done more research on my new lawyer than this entire case,” Saccone said.

Doran said the court is requiring a conference call on November 12 to ensure that nothing last minute comes up.

He will be sentenced to 10 to 30 years in prison unless the court allows him to withdraw his guilty plea.