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Syracuse Residents Are Complaining About Dark Neighborhoods

Street Lights script

Watch the video above to see how dark streets have impacted Syracuse residents.

By Michelle Houston Syracuse, N.Y. (NCC News) — Several streets throughout Syracuse have street lights but residents say they are still filled with darkness.

Cj McCurty is the Crime Prevention Coordinator for Syracuse University’s Department of Public Safety.

If you do have to walk down one of these dark streets in Syracuse, McCurty says to let someone know.

“Letting people know, you know what time you’re gonna be home, what route you’re gonna take so that if it takes a little longer someone is out looking for you.” , McCurty said.

McCurty says those who walk to various locations should to switch up their path every now and then.

“Vary your route you know I know it might be hard, it might cost you extra minutes or whatever but don’t always take the same route it’s unfortunate but sometimes people are looking, watching for an opportunity”, McCurty said.

Toby Bryant is a resident on the south side of Syracuse. She lives on one of the dark streets in Syracuse. She says she filled her home with lights to help cancel out the darkness.

“The darkness is what causes high crime level up here due to the fact you can hide in the darkness “, Bryant said.

McCurty agrees with Bryant’s tactic of using lights. He says porch lights can be helpful in keeping trespassers away.

“So if it’s kind of dark you can’t see those things, so  yeah I think having proper lighting will deter those crimes”, McCurty said.

Mccurty says if you do encounter a dangerous situation remember that a life cannot be replaced.

“Your life is more important, the life of your kids is more important than anything you possess just give it up. Give it up let them have it.”, McCurty said.