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Greek Life Under Scrutiny on SU Campus

The ATO house is among the many fraternities that is being ivestigated. © Matt Sullivan

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By Matt Sullivan, SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC NEWS) –

The long awaited Greek Life survey results have been tallied and roughly 50 percent of Syracuse students feel that Greek Life negatively impacts the campus.

Greek Life survey results.

Greek Life has been the subject of controversy over the past few years. The criticism has heightened recently. The main reason for this being the circulation of the Theta Tau videos which showcased members acting out a racist and sexist play. This incident along with other smaller ones has pushed Syracuse to look into the Greek Life situation.

The survey was sent to all Syracuse students back in march. The goal of the survey was to gage how students felt towards Greek Life on campus. The results show a large divide in the student body.

Many students take place in anti Greek Life protests, Jett Cloud, a junior at Syracuse, shared his thoughts on fraternities.

“It has an overall negative impact on this campus with social stratification whether it’s from someone’s economic status or their racial group, it divides this campus much more than it helps,” Cloud said.

Jett also believes that fraternities are hiding cases of abuse during hazing and even sexual assault during parties.

Just because a large group of people feel negative toward Greek Life does not mean everyone feels this way. Matthew Weinstein, a junior and member of Phi Delta Theta, feels good about Greek Life.

“It gives you an outlet to meet people and opens the doors to activities and opportunities,” Weinstein said.

Almost every administration of Syracuse University is looking into the Greek Life situation, including Student Association. Ghufran Salih, President of SA, also gave her thoughts on fraternities and sororities.

Ghufran acknowledges that a large portion of the students belong to Greek Life and she does not want to take that away from them. However, she is looking into revisions that can be made to the Greek Life system. These changes would hopefully appease protestors while still keeping Greek Life members happy.

Several fraternities are currently under investigation for violation of conduct policy.