Common Council Will Approve Low-Income Housing on Westside

The Syracuse Common Council office is located in room 314 of City Hall. © Brian Ford 2018

Click the play button above to hear about the proposal for the construction of affordable housing units on Syracuse’s Westside.

Audio Transcript: Mystoryscript

By Brian Ford SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) – The Syracuse Common Council is expected to allow the construction of 50 affordable housing units on the city’s Westside.

Syracuse Common Councilor At-Large Timothy Rudd said he’s sure the Common Council will approve the proposal made by Star Park Housing Development Fund Corporation to build housing for low-income residents and people who suffer from mental health issues at next week’s meeting.

The facility will be managed by Christopher Community, a non-profit organization that specializes in housing for seniors, families and people with disabilities, and CNY Services, a behavioral health organization based in Syracuse.

In an article published by The Daily Orange, it says 20 of the units will be used for affordable housing and 30 units will be used for people with mental health issues.

In addition to the potential future residents benefiting from the project, it would also help the community through the minimum of $25,000 it would bring in through taxes.

“At a minimum the property is going to be contributing to local taxes and helping people choose to live in Syracuse,” said Councilor Rudd, “And I think that’s good.”

The facility is proposed to be built on the vacant land at 135 State Fair Blvd.

“[The property] fell out of its previous use, became not functional, and it became delinquent on its taxes,” said Rudd. “This is a re-purposing that hopefully will be good.”