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Greek Life Buzz Continues After Syracuse University Survey

This photo was taken of the Theta Tau fraternity house before their Greek letters were removed. (c) 2018 CitrusTV

Click the play button to hear Syracuse student Jett Cloud and Student Association President Ghufran Salih share their thoughts on Greek life.

A transcript of the above audio is available here.

By Julian Baron SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — Nearly half of non-Greek students at Syracuse University believe Greek life does not positively impact the school’s community, according to a recent survey conducted by SU’s Office of Institutional Research.

The survey results come just six months after the controversial incident in which video was published online of Theta Tau fraternity members using racial slurs.

Syracuse University has also initiated an external review of the school’s Greek life community.

Despite the university’s efforts to reform Greek life, some SU students believe that the school should do away with Greek life altogether.

“I think Greek life should be abolished,” said Jett Cloud, a student at Syracuse’s Maxwell School of Citizenship. “It has an overall negative impact on this campus with social stratification, whether it’s off of somebody’s economic status or the racial group that they’re from, or various other things, I think it divides this campus much more than it helps.”

The ramifications of the Theta Tau incident run far deeper than the uppermost levels of Syracuse’s administration. Ghufran Salih, the President of SU’s Student Association, has grappled with Greek life’s issues while also trying to find a way to resolve them.

“I think that a lot of students have come forward about their negative experiences with social Greek Life,” said Salih.

While remedying Greek life’s problems is a top priority, Salih also considers the positive work that some fraternities and sororities do.

“I know that they do a lot with philanthropy and engagement on campus,” said Salid. “But, at least at the moment, I see a lot of things that people are pointing out that is wrong with it and we’re really working towards trying to fix that.”

The university’s external review of Greek life is expected to be completed sometime in early November.