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Restaurant Preserves History

By Meghan O’Brien SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC NEWS) The Preserve Tavern and Grille at 405 Spencer Street opened its doors to the public on the morning of Monday, September 24. Family, friends, and strangers filled the space to enjoy a meal and grab a drink.

The Preserve looks like a typical restaurant, but it is much more than that. It is the site of an old salt mine, something that plays an important role in Syracuse history.

The LaLone family, owners of The Preserve, said that was one reason they chose this location for their second restaurant. They also own The Gem, a diner just a few blocks down the road.

One of the owners, Anthony LaLone, said The Preserve is working with the Onondaga Historical Association to properly preserve artifacts and add historical information to the restaurant. There is currently a whole room dedicated to the salt mining industry.

The history does not stop there. An old entrance to one of the salt mines still stands in The Preserve’s parking lot. And right across the street is a large stone building where the miners lived, years ago.

This chunk of history has been revamped and served on a plate for customers and history buffs alike.