Photography Exhibit Will Tell Stories Of Breast Cancer Survivors

Photographs in the upcoming exhibit will feature clothed breast cancer survivors juxtaposed with a close up image of their bare chests. © 2018 Brianna Langlois

Click the play button to find out what the “Look Now: Facing Breast Cancer” exhibit will aim to teach people about breast cancer. 

Audio transcript: MyStoryScript

By Brianna Langlois SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) —“Look Now: Facing Breast Cancer” is a photography exhibit that shares breast cancer survivors’ personal experiences.

Tula Goenka, the project director and breast cancer survivor, emphasizes that the exhibition will show the part of the breast cancer journey that comes after the diagnosis, which is not often talked about.

“When you’re diagnosed with breast cancer for the first time, you ask your doctor what’s my treatment, am I going to live, what do I need to do? And the second question you ask is, what will I look like?” said Goenka.

According to Goenka, there are not a lot of resources that discuss the impact of breast cancer surgery. When people visit the gallery they will see photographs of all different kinds of women. There will be photographs of women who have chosen to have a double mastectomy or surgically remove one breast. Others have opted for reconstructive surgery.

According to Goenka, doctors usually push women to have breast reconstruction.

“It’s about how female bodies are framed by society, what is considered sexy, what is considered feminine. Just because you lose your breasts to a disease does that make you any less of a woman?” said Goenka.

In addition to being the project director, Goenka is a filmmaker, author, human rights activist, and professor at the Newhouse School.

Goenka is also working on a documentary to accompany the project. The opening reception will be on Thursday, Oct. 11 from 6-8 p.m. at the Point of Contact Gallery in downtown Syracuse.