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Student Diagnosed With Bacterial Meningitis At Syracuse University

The Syracuse Health Services Building where students go to be treated for illnesses. (c) 2018 Ryan Golde

Listen here to find out about the diagnosis of bacterial meningitis at Syracuse University.

Audio Transcript: Bacterial Meningitis Wrap Script

By Ryan Golde SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) – A Syracuse University student was diagnosed with bacterial meningitis. The SU Health Services department sent the student home to receive treatment.

The university is taking other precautions to make sure that the illness does not spread. It wrote in an email to students and faculty that the students who have been in contact with ill person were given antibiotics.

The email was sent by Health Services Doctor Karen Nardella. She also wrote that those who have not been notified by health services do not currently need to receive antibiotics

Josh Kurzer, a student at Syracuse University thinks that the school is doing a good job taking precautions.

“I saw they are offering antibiotics, and everything like that, so I think they are taking all the proper steps required so far,” Kurzer said.

Doctor Nardella also wrote in the email that meningitis does not spread through the air or common contact.

Kurzer thinks that it will not be hard for students to avoid getting sick.

“Don’t share drinks, I don’t know, you don’t get this the same way you get the flu or the cold,” Kurzer said, “But just generally being careful, being aware of who you’re around, who’s sick and who’s not sick and things like that and using your head.”

Doctor Nardella said the university will continue to provide updates.