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SU Releases Annual Safety Report

DPS safety report

The latest safety report was released Monday. DPS Chief Bobby Maldonado said they’re committed to keeping students safe. (C) Sam Harasimowicz.

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Audio Transcript:Azallion Wrap 3

Anna Azallion, SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — The annual safety report, required by the Jeanne Clery Disclosure Act, was released Monday and shows criminal violation from the previous year. The statistics reported Monday were from 2017 and showed little change from the previous year.

One statistic that more than doubled, though, was drug law violations in residence halls. The number went from 6 in 2016 to 14 in 2017. The Chief of the Department of Public Safety, Bobby Maldonado said many factors could have caused the increase, but his officers are seeing one drug more than others.

“Marijuana is probably the most prominent violations on our campus by a lot,” Maldonado said.

One statistic that decreased by about 30% between 2016 and 2017 was burglaries. While the number decreased, it’s still higher than the statistic in a similar report at Buffalo State — another New York school in an urban setting.

Buffalo State reported roughly half as many burglaries in 2017 as SU.

A website used by prospective students for college rankings and scholarships gives univerisites grades for criteria prospective students might consider when choosing a school. SU received a C+ when it comes to safety.

While SU isn’t ranked the highest in safety, Maldonado says DPS is committed to keeping the SU community safe.

“We’re very committed to school safety, we have an experienced group of professionals — public safety professionals — who are always doing what we can to be a — more importantly visible — very visible so that students can see us and so the bad guys can see us too,” He said.

Maldonado said when it comes to protecting students, visibility is key. In order to be more visible on and around SU’s campus, DPS officers patrol during 10-hour shifts that overlap with each other. This overlap is especially common on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.

“What we do is with the overlap we have as many as 20… 18-22 cars out patrolling because of the overlap,” Maldonado said.

For reference, Maldonado said the Syracuse Police Department could have that same amount of cars patrolling the entire City of Syracuse.

Maldonado also said DPS can’t claim to have all the answers so they’re committed to listening to students and other SU community members.

“We’re also committed to listening to any suggestions that our community members have,” Maldonado said.

The full safety report snd contact information for DPS can be viewed by going to