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Man That Makes The Loud House Loud

By Brittany Ehrlich SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC NEWS)- From concerts, to sporting events, to commencements…the Carrier Dome involves a lot of different sounds. Without David Beikert, none of that audio would be possible.

Beikert is the Audio Systems Specialist at the Carrier Dome.

Beikert began working in the Carrier Dome in 1999 during a windstorm.

“Speakers fell,” Beikert said. “And I was a contractor at the time. We were called to help assist getting ready for the football season.”

Well that windstorm launched a whole career for Beikert in the Carrier Dome.

After working at the Dome for 19 years, Beikert officially can call it his second home.

“With all the time I spend here,” Beikert said. “Yes and my wife would agree.”

Beikert grew up just 25 minutes away from the Carrier Dome. His family was never big on sports but by geographic association Beikert was always a Syracuse fan.

Beikert says that about 70 percent of events done in the Carrier Dome aren’t sports related though. And with every event he gets to show his audio passion.

“I’m a technically creative person,” Beikert said.

Due to the amount of time Beikert has spent in the Carrier Dome, his children are no strangers to 900 Irving Avenue.

Beikert says they know all the employees and have been to many events including Monster Jam. He also hopes his nine year old daughter can sing the national anthem at an event sometime soon.

Also after 19 years of working at the same place you get to know your coworkers pretty well. Beikert says they call him “Bike” as a shortened version of his last name. He also rides a motorcycle bike.

According to Cuse.com, “Dave Beickert is responsible for operating, maintaining and servicing the sound systems in the Carrier Dome as well as other Athletic Dept. facilities. He also assists in A/V production and design of Dome and athletics department special events. Beickert also maintains the Intercom System for the SU Men’s Football Team.”