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Common Council To Vote on Affordable Housing Proposal in Far Westside

The Syracuse Common Council, located in Syracuse City Hall at 233 E. Washington St., is expected to vote on the proposal next week after a delay. (c) 2018 Cory Berberian

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By Cory Berberian SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — The Syracuse Common Council will vote next Monday on a proposal to build affordable housing units in the city’s far westside. If the Council gives the proposal the green light, 50 affordable housing units would be constructed at 135 State Fair Blvd. in Syracuse.

The proposal was up for vote this week, but was withdrawn in favor of next week’s date. According to Tim Rudd, Syracuse Common Councilor At-Large, the Council had not received the necessary blueprints, hence the delay.

“I like knowing how much things cost when we’re gonna spend money,” Rudd said. “I like knowing what things are going to look like when we’re approving something. So it’s just making sure we have the basics about the program. We hadn’t been given [it] yet, so we just held it and then they supplied it.”

Of these 50 affordable housing units, Central New York services, a behavioral health organization, plans to set aside 30 for people affected by mental health issues, the organization told The Daily Orange. The nonprofit group offers programs in Onondaga and Oneida counties.

The previous property at the State Fair Blvd. address had become no longer unusable, and was not paying its taxes, according to Rudd.

“I think it’s a property that’s pretty isolated and fell out of its previous use, became not functional, and it became delinquent on its taxes,” Rudd said. “This is a repurposing that hopefully will be good.”

The Syracuse Common Council will vote on the project next Monday. Rudd is confident that the Common Council will approve the proposal, and added that the development will help contribute to local taxes, and could potentially entice people in need of affordable housing to move to Syracuse.

The project is being developed and managed by CSD Housing, Inc. According to their website, the project is estimated to be completed next September.