Recess Coffee to Sell at Syracuse-area Wegmans

Recess Coffee will now be offered at local Wegmans stores (c) 2018 Katie Sciortino

By Katherine Sciortino, SYRACUSE, NY (NCC News) – Syracuse’s Recess Coffee will be selling six different varieties of coffee roasts at local Wegmans stores by the end of this month.

In 2007, owners Adam Williams and Jesse Daino opened Recess Coffee, located off of Westcott Street, and worked the shop by themselves for four years. Throughout the years Recess Coffee has expanded to over 50 workers, two shops, and sell to over 100 restaurants, markets, and stores.

Tere Martini, Recess Coffee’s headquarters manager, said that Recess Coffee wants to focus on expanding their clientele.

“It will make our coffee more accessible to a wider range of people, people who can’t make it into our coffee shops,” Martini said.

All of their coffee blends are made at their headquarters located in DeWitt. According to Martini, they roast about 2,500 pounds each week, including the six varieties that will be offered on the Wegmans shelves.

“One of them is a rotational seasonal variety, and the other ones we thought really highlighted the range of roasts and blend that we offer,” Martini said. “A few of them are our most popular blends.”

The varieties include Westcott Blend, Austin’s Blend, Ethiopian, Kenyan, a decaf and the seasonal blend. The 12-ounce bag will retail for $11.99, and the seasonal blend for $12.99. Martini said that instead of bagging the coffee beans in a brown bag, they are now putting their beans in a sealed bag with a special valve to keep them fresh longer.

These unique blends will be sold in six of the local Syracuse area Wegmans stores. Customers say they are excited for Recess Coffee to be sold in stores, but will still come back to the local coffee shop.

R.J., a student at Onondaga Community College, said he thinks he will keep coming to the coffee shop because of the relaxed vibe it has, something buying from Wegmans doesn’t offer.

“I really like the environment, and I’m not really big fan of making my own coffee. I really like the professionalism of having somebody else put it together for me,” he said.

Tristan, a student at the College of Environmental Science and Forestry, said he comes to Recess Coffee to relax, and enjoy the good food as well.

“It’s pretty cool that their coffee is being sold in Wegmans, but I know I’m still going to come here. I come to Recess [Coffee] for not just the coffee, but their breakfast sandwiches as well, they’re so good. And you just can’t beat the chill vibe here” he said.

Recess Coffee blends and roasts will be offered at Wegmans stores in Dewitt, Onondaga Boulevard, Fairmount, John Glenn, Great Northern, and Auburn.