SU Students are in Favor of Greek Life Review Consultant

The SU chapter of Psi Upsilon is currently under disciplinary reprimand according to

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Audio Transcript: Mystoryscript 

By Brian Ford SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) – Syracuse University’s third consultant hired to assist in the Greek life review visited the university last Saturday, according an email from Dolan Evanovich, senior vice president for enrollment and the student experience, sent in July.

The Greek life review began after videos of members of the Theta Tau fraternity using racist language and simulating sex acts were posted back in April by The Daily Orange.

With all eyes on SU’s greek life, students think having consultants that are independent from the university will allow for a more honest investigation with less bias.

“I think an outside source would prevent biases so they could really get to what happened with the situation and get to a more truthful answer,” said Alyssa, an SU alumnus who graduated in May of this year, less than one month after the release of the Theta Tau videos.

There has been no statement regarding the Greek life review since the third consultant was scheduled to have visited the university. So, as of now, students have their own ideas for what should be done next within greek life.

“If there’s even an open forum that’s held like every two weeks where people can go and talk and have a safe space,” said Giana Prudente, an SU sophomore who is in a sorority. “I think that’s [the forum] very important – so big events don’t have to take place for the conversations to get started”

Prudente also believes that moving forward, it would be beneficial for each chapter of greek life to make an effort deal with issues like diversity internally, whether it be by creating a committee dedicated to the issue, or just starting conversations around the subject.

There are currently eleven Greek organizations that are not allowed to operate at Syracuse University, according to FASA.