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Recycling Costs May Rise in CNY

By Brittany Ehrlich SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — Waste Management has ended it’s contract with the Onondaga County Resource Recovery Agency. This separation may cause Onondaga residents and businesses to see a spike in recycling fees.

The reason for this surge is due to China no longer accepting recycled paper. This is due to China’s inability to keep up with contamination in the garbage.

Onondaga County hasn’t seen a hit from China stoppage yet due to it’s use of local sourcing at Waste Management in Liverpool.

But with this contract coming to a close that may change on November 1st.

Until then OCCRA and Waste Management are in talks to create a new contract. The current contract has OCCRA and Waste Management alternate years in paying each other depending on the paper market of that year (who has lost more money).

The new contract in the works is going to cost OCCRA though.

OCCRA Public Information Officer Kristen Lawton says the spread of how much Waste Management will charge is still unclear but it could be up to 2 million dollars.

“The solution is we should domestically create markets here like we should create paper mills,” Lawton said. “Pretty much those don’t exist around here because most of that went to China.”

Lawton also said the everyday person should not be too concerned yet. She is confident an agreement between OCCRA and Waste Management will be reached before November rolls around.

According to the OCCRA website Onondaga County recycles over 70 million dollars pounds year in the recyclable blue bins.