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Community and Comics

By Anthony Khelil SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News)– Walton Street in Downtown Syracuse was the host of the 8th annual Syracuse Style Fashion Show Thursday night.

Syracuse Style’s fashion event showcased much of what Downtown Syracuse has to offer, including a unique collaboration.

The Director of Communications for the Downtown Committee of Syracuse Alice Maggiore, believes the fashion show allows for the Syracuse community to come together and get a better sense of the downtown area.

“It helps draw attention to the different things that downtown has to offer,” Maggiore said, “Not only clothing or traditional clothing, but we have a comic book store that is participating in the fashion show.”

The Syracuse Style Fashion show did not only show off Men’s, Women’s and Children’s apparel, jewelry and accessories, but also included a team up with Cloud City Comics, in Downtown Syracuse.

Now how could a comic book store and a fashion show come together?

Manager of Cloud City Comics, Aaron Stein, said that the comic shop is creating outfit designs based on the Netflix show Stranger Things. 

Stein teamed up with the Syracuse Style Fashion show to spread an important message in a time where bullying is very prevalent within our society.

“The idea was to have a bunch of people of different genders, multi racial, multi generational, just basically showing that anyone can be a superhero.” Stein said.

Stein wants the comic shop to help bring people together, intensifying the sense of community in downtown Syracuse Maggiore mentioned the fashion show would help in doing.

“Whether it be a show, a comic book, a board game, it’s something that brings people together,” Stein said in regard to the Fashion show and Cloud City Comics. 

Stein says he hopes that the comic shop allows for those who are being bullied to have a form of escape. Through the fashion show, he wants individuals to realize that they can feel comfortable within their own skin.

Cloud City Comic’s partnership with the Syracuse Style Fashion show is much more than just publicizing their business. Stein and Cloud City Comics want to spread the message that it is okay to be who you are.

“Whether you are gay, straight, bi-sexual, black, white, whatever you are, if you’re a fan of Spider-Man, you’re a fan of Spider-Man,” Stein said.



Cloud City Comics is much more than just a comic book store (c ) 2018 Anthony Khelil