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The Sights and Sounds of the New York State Fair 2018

By Alexis Scott SYRACUSE N.Y. (NCC NEWS) The Broadcast/Digital Newswriting/Radio/Audio News Reporting class of Fall 2018 went to the New York State Fair recently and were able to capture some great visuals and audio for you all to view. Here is what they found out:


Natalie Fahmy interacted with John Witherbee of New York, who was demonstrating how windows used to be made hundreds of years ago and the craft that went into it before machinery was invented.

Gregory Bradbury went into the dairy section of the NYSF and got to see what the farmers do with the milk after it’s milked from a cow.

Ford Hatchett talked about an infamous cotton candy colored rooster that won the crowing contest.

Patrick Gunn spoke with Jim Wolnik as he cut and created wooden figures at the fair. He has been cutting wood at the fair for the past 10 years and has been making Christmas ornaments and other goodies for his own enjoyment and for his family his entire life.

Daniel Loftus got to see woodworker Charlie LaPrease of the Woodworkers of Central New York, Inc. in action. He teaches a child attending the fair how to use a wood lathe.

Matthew Evenden stopped by to see the New York State Boys All-Star basketball team warm-up.

Camila Grigera Naon stopped to see a blacksmith at work. She says some people go to the fair for the rides and food, but others come for the cultural, historical, and traditional aspect.

Andrew Erskine talked with Jim Hasbrouck, owner of Fried Specialties at the Fair. His menu item, the “Heart Attack” recently won first place in the Fair’s food contest.

Christopher Lauck experienced some Army members going through drills. They had multiple tents set up at the fair and even had some simulators up for entertainment.

Wyatt Barmore-Pooley recorded great sound of some of the roosters in the Poultry Building leading up to the crowing contest.

Mateo Estling spoke with a member of the ‘Skeleton Crew’ and why that name was chosen for the group of cows you’ll see in his clips.

Brianna Yates recored sound of the NYS All-Star Boys basketball team practicing outside before the official game. The boys were individually recruited for this team, and they all hope to play college basketball.