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“Spay and Neuter Syracuse” Needs You

A Spay and Neuter Syracuse employee helping a recently neutered dog. (c) 2018 Naiya Brooks

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By Naiya Brooks SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News)- Spay and Neuter Syracuse describes itself as the only not-for-profit and low cost pet clinic in Onondaga County. According to their website, the “clinic serves the community by offering low-cost spays and neuters to people of low income, students, veterans, rescuers and shelters.”

The low cost solution helps Onondaga County in multiple ways.

“So, one, reducing the population issue in Syracuse and two, helping them out because we know veterinary care is expensive. Medication is hugely expensive,” said Marketing Coordinator MaryKay Tracy.

Tracy said being a not-for-profit is a struggle sometimes, but some of the stress is relieved by donations and community efforts. “People donate all the time, we look for materials, we have wishlists and people in the community do come together,” said Tracy.

Meet Carmine, a SANS patient. (c) 2018 Naiya Brooks

One specific donation that Spay and Neuter Syracuse is looking for is time.

“Right now we are looking for some volunteers to help get the word out there that we are here. We’re just starting to turnover as far as people are hearing about us,” said Tracy. “We’re stilling finding that in some areas that we aren’t known.”

Spay and Neuter Syracuse is encouraging people to apply to become a volunteer by visiting their website, calling the clinic, or emailing syracuseSANS@yahoo.com .