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New President Takes on New Plans at Museum

President of MOST Lauren Kochian stands in front of museum’s main entereance. (c) Kayla Burton, August 2, 2018.

Audio Transcript: Kochian Wrap

By Kayla Burton SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC NEWS)- Syracuse’s Museum of Science and Technology’s (MOST) former president Tony Martin has left the museum, now a Syracuse area native Lauren Kochian in charge. Kochian has been working at MOST for three years, starting as the Chief Development Officer and later promoted to the Executive Vice President position.

Kochian and MOST employees were surprised with the vast resign of Martin, saying it was an unexpected circumstance, however Kochian said her experience has prepared her for her new role.

“I wasn’t expecting it. I knew Tony had a plan to put me in place for the role eventually and she had been grooming me for it. It just happened a bit sooner than I had anticipated,” said Kochian.

Graduating with both a bachelor’s and master’s degree from Syracuse University, Kochian is confident with her knowledge in non-profits. Her ideas for MOST specifically targets the expansion of the museum, into the community. Kochian wants to do a better job of reaching out to schools, students, teachers and the community as a whole.

“One of the things I’d really like to do is to expand our presence in the community. I think that what we’re doing at the museum is unlike anything else in Central New York,” said Kochian. “And I don’t just mean the things that you’re looking around and seeing, I don’t just mean exhibits…I’m talking about things like stem outreach programs for students starting from fifth and fourth grade.”

Kochian and MOST staff already have programs started at the Syracuse City School District and Kochian plans on spreading these programs to more school districts.

With various recent changes occurring at MOST, the new president and her colleagues are looking forward to making the museum the most exciting place to visit in Syracuse.