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Syracuse is Celebrating Latino Culture this Weekend

The Syracuse Latino Festival will have an assortment of attractions for families and friends. (c) 2018 Eddy Luce

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Audio Transcript: News Feature Latino Festival

By Sunny Tsai SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News)— Syracuse is in for a weekend of culture and education. The Latino Festival is coming to town once again this Saturday.

The first ever Latino Festival in Syracuse started 25 years ago and has been an on and off event. It has stopped and started again three different times since it began. This weekend’s festival will make it the fourth consecutive year that it has taken place since the event restarted.

Cochair of the festival Fanny Villareal said the Latino Festival originated with the idea to educate the community on what it means to be Latino.

“For the Latino community, it’s a way to share pride of all the 21 countries who are here in Syracuse and in Central New York. That’s a day to celebrate, to celebrate our root, to our passion, to celebrate our culture, our food, our music.”

There will be live music, a karaoke competition, a domino contest, and a celebration of Latino Christmas at the festival. Villareal said it will be a day for Latinos to share their culture and countries’ traditions with Central New York.

When the festival began again four years ago, Villareal said there was barely an existing budget to fund the festival. However, as the event has repeated annually for the last couple years, it has received more sponsors, leading to a larger budget. This year, the Latino Festival is sponsored by larger organizations, such as Pathfinder Bank, NY State of Health, and United Healthcare.

The festival has been publicized through Facebook, fliers, word of mouth, and a radio program that Villareal started called Nosotros Radio.

The Latino Festival will take place at Clinton Square this Saturday from noon until 8:p.m.