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If You Party Hard, Make Sure You Party Safe

Syracuse University Named as one of the Top Party Schools Again. (c) Sam Carter 2018.

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Sam Carter Syracuse, N.Y. (NCC News) – For the seventh consecutive year, Syracuse University has been named as one of the “Top Party Schools,” by the Princeton Review.

While the university has not always embraced the idea of being a party school, the reputation persists.

Although much of the Syracuse party scene is light-hearted and fun, it can become dangerous quickly. Associate Chief of the Syracuse University Department of Public Safety John Scardino has seen first-hand the effects that partying and the consumption of alcohol can have on young people.

“I’ve worked here for 34 years,” Scardino said. “I’ve actually seen students die as a result of alcohol poisoning. I’ve seen students becoming very ill for significant periods of time. I saw one case where the student died in the hospital because of the inability to get oxygen to the brain.”

Scardino said there are a few different things people can do to keep themselves safe. He recommends that as long as you are of legal drinking age, to bring your own alcohol to a party, watch your drink at all times and never accept a drink from a stranger.

“Students should know their own limits,” Scardino said. “If you know the magic number is two [drinks] and anything after two ‘I might do something I regret the next day’ then keep to that number.”

Scardino said the main concern of the Department of Public Safety is student safety. Students should not be afraid of getting into trouble by calling DPS if they feel they find themselves in a potentially dangerous situation.