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Back-to-school Season Starts in Syracuse

The new academic year is about to start in Syracuse © 2018 Malika-Budur Kalila

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By Malika-Budur Kalila SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News)—For most students August means it’s time for school again. Teachers and education institutions also may consider this month as a busy season. Moreover, it’s the time when shopping centers and online stores send various deals to their target audience. Currently, Syracuse students and stores are also experiencing the spirit of the back-to school season. 

Cecilia Marcoccia, the mother of a second-grade student, has already started buying school supplies for her son. She spoke about the shopping process and said her child needs to accompany her and make sure that size and colors meet his needs. 

“You go to a store and he has to come with you and try the sizes on,” she said. “You try not to go too early because he might grow some more before the school starts.”

Marcoccia added for successful shopping, it is wise to find the best prices and reasonable discounts. 

Earlier this month, East Syracuse School District provided parents the new supply list on its website. North Syracuse Central School District also published this year’s list for primary school students. 

Online stores and shopping centers in Syracuse started focusing on important customers of the season: students. Several stores at Destiny USA such as Apple, Disney Store, Yogibo offered consumers back-to-school discounts. 

Yogibo is a bean bag store that provides beds, pillows, pods and other home and travel  equipment. Assistant Manager William Roehm said the brand’s products help users to distress and relax. 

“School is stressful for students, especially for freshmen,” he said. “Sometimes it’s good to have something just to lay down on.”  

Roehm explained Yogibo’s beds and pillow fit dormitory rooms very well and that is why the company decided to provide sale opportunity for students. 

“It is all about comfort,” he said.  “That makes people want to come over to your dorm.”