Syracuse Students are ready for “Gotcha Bikes”

Only personal bikes exist on Syracuse University housing campus. A bike sharing service has not been provided to students. (c) Isis Young 2018

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By Isis Young SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) – Syracuse Common Council voted earlier today in a meeting on whether to allow “Gotcha Bikes” to set up shop here in Syracuse.

“Gotcha Bikes” is a ride share service providing bikes for people to rent for everyday riding. The bikes would be placed in stations around the city. People would need to download the application associated with “Gotcha Bikes” and scan the bar code on the bike to unlock it. Once scanned, the bike is free to use.

After someone reaches their destination and hops off the bike, the ride has ended and their online payment method through the application will be charged. The bikes are expected to be returned to an available “Gotcha Bike” station around the city.

“Gotcha Bikes” normally charges $1 per hour for the ride. Depending on the approval of this service at the Common Council meeting, that could vary.

According to Adena Rochelson, Syracuse University business student at The Whitman School of Management, “Besides walking and using the bus which is sometimes late, there is no other way I can get to class regularly. I think bikes would be a great idea, especially in rainy or could weather when no one wants to walk… It also is economic friendly to college students which is a huge plus.”

Lastly, Rochelson is minoring in Environment and Society and mentioned sustainability as another plus for the bike sharing service.

“Finding more sustainable ways to travel around – Walking is very sustainable, but biking would be a very close second,” said the Rochelson.

Rochelson believes she shares the same idea with many other college students, “Gotcha Bikes” would be a great addition to Syracuse.

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