CNY Runners Trying to Beat the Heat

CNY resident running through Syracuse University campus. (c) Isis Young 2018

Click above to hear how a local runner takes on the heat in Syracuse. 

Audio Transcript:RunnersBeatHeat.Script

By Isis Young  SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) – As we approach the fall, Syracuse runners are looking to enjoy their last weeks of great running weather.

Syracuse has been issued several heat advisories over the course of the summer. This can sometimes get in the way of frequent runners enjoying outside runs.

Syracuse native, Jennifer Locey suffered a heat stroke while running. She says this experience taught her to take necessary precautions when running in hot weather.

“I learned to make sure you’re hydrated before you go and do anything. And then to kind of know my limits better. So let someone know or if its just me training, let myself be okay with taking a break if I need it,” said Locey.

Locey also started using technology as a way to combat the heat.

“While I am running, I try to make sure that I wear my heart rate monitor. So that if it gets too high, I can back off a little. My fitbit tells me the zone I’m in of my heart- fat burning, cardio, that kind of stuff.”

iPhone’s, androids, and athletic watches such as fitbits all have features to measure heart rate during physical activity.

Syracuse Assistant Athletic Trainer, Megan Bevins has several tricks for frequent runners out.

“Eating salty foods before a workout is good as long as you are hydrated. Salt helps the body to retain water so salty foods can be useful if you’ve drank water or Gatorade throughout the day. Also, pickle juice is very good for healing cramps, it works almost instantly,” said Bevins.

Just a few tips for runners enjoying the summer weather in Syracuse.