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Inside the Lives of People Affected by the Indonesian Earthquake

Building structures are ruined from the earthquake © 2018 Ross Coggan

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Audio Transcription: Earthquake in Lombok

By Ashtyn Hiron LOMBOK, INDONESIA. (NCC News) — Homes are ruined and people are scared after an earthquake hit Lombok island in Indonesia.

This is one of two large earthquakes to hit Lombok within a week. The earthquake measured at magnitude 7.O and hit Lomboks north.

As days follow the after shocks continue and people are forced to sleep outside to avoid debris that could fall from damaged buildings.

Australian expats Glenda Magee and Ross Coggan experienced the earthquake in their home in Krandangan  in Lomboks north-west. The couple are camping out in a parking lot as earthquakes continue and structures are unsafe to sleep in.

“It was eerie and surreal and just devastating as well. There’s so much beauty here and it’s so sad especially for all the local people. Everyone is just living in tents in the paddocks and the jungle and trying to get up the mountain because their homes have just been totally demolished,” said Magee.

Thousands of homes were destroyed and locals are using tarpaulins to provide shelter and a place to sleep.

“In the headlights you could see what we knew were buildings and we recognized what they should have been but they weren’t there, they were just piles of rubble,” said Coggan.

Magee said that people around her are always on guard as they are expecting another disaster. The wind calms, the air is still, the animals scatter, and then an aftershock occurs, described Magee.

“The place is deserted, there’s basically no foreigners around, everyone’s flying out. Unfortunately, many locals don’t have that opportunity. It’s sad, they’re beautiful people, they’re helping each other, they’re helping us, even when they’ve lost so much they still look on the bright side of everything and just take it in their stride,” she said.

More than 100 people have died and the aftershocks are continuing.

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