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Central New York Food Bank Food Sense Makes Sense

The Sankofa Cafe Food Cooperative, One of many Food Back Wholesale Locations (c) 2018 Danielle Bulluck


Audio Transcript: Food Bank Food Sense

By Danielle Bulluck SYRACUSE, N.Y. — The Syracuse Food Bank continues to expand its Food Sense program over the Central New York area. Its been 25 years since the Central New York Food Bank started the Food Sense program. The program now serves 11 counties and has over 40 food distribution sites. The Food sense program has been growing each year, with new ways to get the word out, staying true to its purpose.

Andrew Katzer, the Bank’s Program manger, said its not just about food but connecting people to affordable food. “We just really strongly believe in connecting people with healthy, good products especially in area where there might be limited , you know, food available grocery stores and food deserts.”

The Food Sense program is a program where people in the area can go to get affordable groceries every month for $20.

Every month the food groceries change, but will always consist of about 12 to 14 items. Particpants get about 4 to 5 protein items (Meat), 4 to 5 staple items (Grain), and 2 fresh produce components.  That is all available at any of the program sites.

Katzer said the Bank’s Wholesale sites have partnerships with the community (called satellite locations) that help bring a broader range to the program.

“They’ll work with other community programs, churches, senior centers , and teen places where they can help, either take orders or do extra distribution. It just gives us a wider network to hit more people that can access the program.”

The Food Bank hopes to continues to grow the food sense program for another 25 years.