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Bike-Share Program is Coming to Syracuse

Alexander Byrd is interested in using the Syracuse bike-share program. © 2018 Ashtyn Hiron

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Audio Transcription: Syracuse bike-share

By Ashtyn Hiron SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — The Syracuse¬†Common Council voted to bring a bike-share program to Syracuse, allowing people to rent and ride bikes throughout the city.

They voted to run the City of Syracuse bike-share program for a two year period.

Gotcha Bikes, is the company that the city chose to start the bike-share program. Gotcha specializes in bike-share programs for cities and universities and has been implemented in other cities like Burlington and Vermont.

Bike-sharing gives people the opportunity to rent bikes and ride them around the city. The bikes can be returned to any of the ‘Gotcha’ stations.

Gotcha also provides three-wheeled bikes for people with disabilities to rent.

Bike enthusiast and Syracuse resident Alexander Byrd Green has been riding his bike around the city for years. Green said if the bike-share was easily accessible and reasonably priced, many people would use it.

“As long as it’s feasible for the citizens to be able to purchase it, if I really got jammed up and needed to ride a bike quick I would use it, depending on the price and circumstances,” Green said.

The idea of a bike-share began in January when Mayor Ben Walsh announced in his State of the City address that a bike-share program would be coming to Syracuse. Council members approved the agreement to run the program and are waiting on confirmation for when the bike-share program will begin.