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Syracuse Students Learn What It’s Like to Be a Forensic Scientist

Click the play button above to see how twenty students are learning more about Forensic Science this week.

Auto transcript: MOST Forensic Camp

By Casey Buscher SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) – The Milton J. Rubenstein Museum of Science and Technology is holding a Forensic Science camp this week.

Twenty kids are getting the opportunity to learn how to be a forensic scientist.

Campers learn how to use microscopes, discover DNA patterns and how to analyze footprint and fingerprints.

According to the the Volunteer Services Coordinator and Program Assistant Emily Stewart, the forensic camp is important to teach kids about the STEM field.

STEM programs teach kids about science, technology, engineering and mathematics. However, Stewart says that the STEM field is expanding to STEAM so art is incorporated into the program. The benefit for the campers  is that they are being introduced to a whole world of careers.

Through various activities at camp, the campers are learning new skills in science and technology at the museum.

Stewart believes it’s important to give kids the skills to use the technology that is available for them. “When you think about the dramatic pace of technological advancement and how the Wright brothers learned to fly in the early 20th century and now theres planes that can go mock 3. When you teach kids about that stuff and tell them they can be the next step, that inspires them to get involved and follow what every interests them in this broader category of STEAM.”

Stewart says the staff at the MOST is passionate about teaching the campers and bringing them the best experiences this week at camp.

The camp will be held from Monday, July 30th to Friday, July 3rd from 10am to 3pm.