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Catholic Parish Helping Immigrants Feel at Home

All Saints Parish (c) 2018 Jose Lara

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Audio transcript: Father Frederick Daley

By Jose Lara SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) – Syracuse’s All Saints Parish Church has been open since 2008. Father Frederick Daley has been in charge ever since. During his time there he has always looked for ideas to help immigrants feel welcome in the parish.

“We are a sanctuary parish, which means, we have committed ourselves to offer sanctuary to undocumented person that is being arrested by the immigration officials,” Daley said. “We need help as we accompanied all the refugees, they have a lot of needs. But we are able to prepare some apartments for them, with the help of different congregations, like Christian, Protestant, Jewish, Unitarian, so we have a coalition that is willing to help the undocumented with the legal transitions.”

He added that immigrants are part of the community, and says the community needs to support them, especially with the recent problems they have had in the Syracuse area.

Daley, also has a great relationship with the Congolese community in the city.  Many Congolese attend to the Sunday’s mass. During the service they always read the Gospel and sing a couple of songs in English and Swahili, which is one of the main languages in Congo.

“The Congolese community is giving us many gifts, like their deep faith, and their life experience,” Daley said. “We do not expect the Congolese community to be assimilated into our community. But rather the community changes, and becomes a new community with the gifts and talents of the Congolese.”

Daley says they need the support of many people in the city.

“Together we can do so much more that what we can do by ourselves,” Daley said.