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Soldiers Become Business Owners at Bootcamp

Veterans come to Martin J. Whitman School of Management to learn more on small business management. © 2018 Ashtyn Hiron

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By Ashtyn Hiron SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — Each year, Syracuse University hosts the Entrepreneurship Boot camp for Veterans (EBV), offering education and training to veterans who are interested in starting their own business.

Operated by the Institute for Veterans and Military Families at Syracuse University  (IVMF), EBV was founded at Syracuse University in 2007. In eleven years, the program has reached more than 90,000 veterans and their families.

Trina Hill, served in the United States Army for 22 years. After retiring from the military, Hill was discouraged from the corporate world. After making contact with someone from IVMF, who pointed Hill in the right direction, she never turned back.Hill fulfilled her passion for fitness and wellness by opening a fitness company.

“It’s opened me up to information, and there’s nothing better than having an informed choice, being able to have information, get informed, and make a choice to better your situation or your life in general,” Hill said.

IVMF at Syracuse University has an entire research department dedicated to the measurement and evaluation of programs. Conducting surveys of veterans to find out what issues they are facing. This data ensures that each program is adapted and changed regularly to meet the needs of their participants.

“We’re finding out new things veterans might be dealing with, struggles they might have, and we’re able to fill those gaps. All the programs we do are based on that evidence,” said Deanna Parker, the program manager for EBV.

EBV scheduled seven programs this year and the next one will be held at The University of Connecticut.