Local Diner Tops List Of Best In Central New York

(c) 2018 Dom Muccilo The Chalkboard at the entrance of Finally Our’s

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By Dom Muccilo, SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — Finally Our’s diner in Syracuse is ranked as the fourth best diner in Central New York, according to 

Three years ago, husband and wife Dave and Lisa Laffin finally opened a diner and decided to name it Finally Our’s.

“That’s what we came up with because we worked for other people for so many years,” owner Dave Laffin said. “Finally we took a jump, a leap of faith and called it our own.”

(c) 2018 Dom Muccilo
Finally Our’s is located just off the West Seneca Turnpike in Syracuse

Laffin says that they have been able to broaden their reach within the community, having both local and out of town visitors.

“There’s a guy who lives in Oswego who comes in every week after his doctor appointment.” Laffin said.

Often times, there is a line out the door on Saturdays and Sundays, something Laffin says could be because of the extensive menu options. 

“We try different things all the time, she’s [Lisa] putting something together like stuffed banana french toast, cookie dough pancakes, lemon ricotta pancakes, salted carmel french toast,” he said. “We try to try everything and if it doesn’t work we’ll try again in 3 or 4 months.”

(c) 2018 Dom Muccilo
An inside look at the diner early Wednesday morning

What really separates Finally Our’s from the rest, Laffin says, is the service they provide.

“You can come in and your not just waited on by one person,” Laffin said. “You’re waited on by everybody in the place, even the owners.

Dave and Lisa are there from open until close, which they say has played a big part of their success. This hands-on approach they take in engaging with customers has helped earn them their ranking among the best diners in Central New York.