Animal Alliance Is Making Pet Services More Accessible

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By: Tamar Turner SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News)The Animal Alliance of Greater Syracuse (AAGS) has recently began a shoe drive to aid in funding for a spay and neuter clinic they are trying to open.

“We are trying to find something that is different from what all of the other non-profits are doing,” said Jacqueline Foss, Vice President of The Animal Alliance.

Foss did a lot of research before deciding on a shoe drive, but thought it would be a great idea and realized it had not been done in the Syracuse community before.

The Animal Alliance noticed that a lot of local pet owners have been unable to provide the proper services for their cats and dogs due to costs. As a result, these animals can produce unwanted litters that aren’t taken care of properly.

“With the clinic plans that we have, we expect to be able to neuter or spay the pet of a low-income family for about 25 dollars or in some cases even less,” said Foss.

The new clinic will have specially trained veterinarians that will help increase the amount of animals being treated annually.

The company “Funds2Orgs” has partnered with AAGS and all shoes collected are sold by micro-entrepreneurs in developing countries around the world.

“We are taking these shoes people are no longer using, sending them off to people who can use them and earn a living from them and we can help keep them out of our landfills,” said Foss.

Foss has set a goal for AAGS to collect at least 300 bags, each containing 25 pairs of shoes so that would be equivalent to 7500 pairs total.

The fundraiser will last until October and they have various locations set up around Syracuse, from Baldwinsville Public Library to NBT Bank Stadium.

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