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A Paper Company Has its Annual Discount Sale for Local Residents

The Sidewalk Sale takes place at the Delevan Center in downtown Syracuse. (c) 2018 Dallas Jackson

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Audio Transcript: Smock Sidewalk Sale

By Dallas Jackson (SYRACUSE, N.Y.) – Although printing has been around for centuries, one company in Syracuse found a way to combine it with community and environmental preservation. The 6th Annual Smock Sidewalk Sale occurred on Aug. 2, 2018. The Smock printing company prides itself on the quality of its products.

But sometimes the products have the wrong size, color and more. Marketing manager Liz McGuire said the local community was taken into consideration when Smock had the idea for the sale.

One of Smock’s card designs. (c) 2018 Dallas Jackson

“Instead of recycling them, we thought maybe the local Syracuse community might be interested in these products if they’re discounted,” McGuire said. “So thus, the Sidewalk Sale was born.”

When Smock first began having the annual sale, the event was two days. Now the event is one day only. The printing company accommodated peoples’ regular business hours since most people work.

People attending the sale this year were able to buy cards, gift wrap keepsake boxes and more. There were food vendors and a prize wheel. Smock also prides itself on being green and trying to reduce the carbon footprint. The printing company recycles, uses recycled materials and donates unused products to local public schools. McGuire says the proceeds from the prize wheel are going to the Onondaga County Earth Corps.

Local residents shopping for gift wrap at the Sidewalk Sale. (c) 2018 Dallas Jackson

“It’s a great organization that helps empower youth to get involved with their community,” she said.

Smock has been in partnership with the Earth Corps since 2014. The Earth Corps is working to improve urban gardening, tree care and environmental education.

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