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Peace Incorporated Milestone Year

Peace Inc. Mission Statement (c) 2018 Jose Lara

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Audio transcript: Carolyn Brown

By Jose Lara SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) –Peace Incorporated has been helping people in the city of Syracuse become self sufficient since 1968.  This year it’s their 50th anniversary. They have programs to help children and the elderly. For this milestone year they have come up with new ideas to help others reach their potential within their community.

“We have come up with the Re-Entry Program, that gives people that are coming out of prison a chance to reinstate in the community,” said Deputy Director Carolyn Brown. “We offer services to help people find stable housing, to find jobs. The program has been a big success. It was a pilot, but now it has been renewed to go forward.”

Brown has been in Peace Incorporated for eleven years. She says it is really fulfilling to have a job that can help others be better. She added that one of the best things about the program is that it gives people the tools to help themselves.

“We also launched a new type of program recently with our Big Brothers Big Sisters program, that’s a mentoring program, there’s a new model called the corporate model,” said Brown when asked about kids programs. “Children are transported to a corporation, we work with New York Mellon Bank, and they have eleven on their staff mentor children on their onsite in their offices, so twice a month children get the opportunity to see a work environment.”

Brown also says the most important thing she has learned in Peace Incorporated during her eleven years is that people who are going through a tough time can be helped and helped within the program.