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New York City Considers Limiting Number of Uber Drivers

Uber driver discusses possible cap on number of drivers in New York City (c) 2018 Jonathan LaRowe

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By Jonathan LaRowe SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) – The New York City City Council has discussed legislation that would put a limit on the number of Uber drivers in the city.

The legislation put forth suggests a 12-month freeze that would prohibit new drivers from joining the ride-sharing app. The Council cites road congestion and lower wages for drivers as two of the primary reasons for this proposal.

Yunior Ceballo, an Uber driver in Syracuse, used to drive for Uber in New York City. He says that there is a huge amount of congestion for drivers in the city.

“When I was driving in New York City, the traffic is terrible,” Ceballo said. “I prefer driving here. Here it’s quiet.”

Ceballo has been a driver for Uber for the last three years. While he does admit that the roads in New York City are highly congested, he still does not agree with the proposal to limit the number of Uber drivers in the city.

“Uber driving is a very nice way for the people,” Ceballo said. “It’s not expensive, it’s very cheap. Everybody likes Uber drivers.”

New York City tried to pass similar legislation limiting the number of Uber drivers in 2015. Uber targeted Mayor Bill de Blasio with a number of negative advertisements in 2015 as he was one of the primary proponents of the cap on the number of drivers.

If the legislation is passed by the City Council, New York City would become the first major city in the country to put a limit on the number of Uber drivers allowed in the area.