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New Plans for the Shoppingtown Mall are Released This Week

Plans for the renovation of Shoppingtown Mall were released this week (c) 2018 Jonathan LaRowe

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Audio transcript: LaRowe assignment 8 script

By Jonathan LaRowe SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) – The proposal for the new Shoppingtown Mall was released on Tuesday. Moonbeam Capital Investments, the company which owns the mall, sent the plans to the town of Dewitt.

The plans for the redesign of the mall were delivered three months later than Moonbeam anticipated.

The Shoppingtown Mall has undergone a drastic makeover over the last few years. Many of the largest stores in the mall have left and Sears, the largest remaining store in the mall, announced earlier this year that it would be leaving as well.

Samuel Gordon, director of planning and zoning for Dewitt, said he understands the irritation that the people of Dewitt feel toward the lack of progress with the mall.

“A lot of people are upset and frustrated about the mall and the state it is in and we are too,” Gordon said. “We are doing everything we can to figure out a solution.”

Gordon said the plans that Moonbeam sent for the new Shoppingtown Mall were very similar to the plans that were sent in 2015.

Rick Dash, the store manager of Galaxy of Stars, has worked at the mall for over 20 years. Dash said that the plans from Moonbeam seem almost identical to the plans from several years ago and that he thinks the mall will be closed within five years.

“They were the same as the old plans and the old plans were never done so I don’t expect these plans to be done either,” Dash said. “I don’t think they put any time or effort into it so I don’t think it’s going to happen with them.”