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Syracuse Public Library Offers Summer Program for Local Teens

Hazard Branch Library offers a full range of services and activities for Syracuse residents of all ages. (c) 2018 Abigail Fridmann

Press play to find out what programs could be available to your students this summer. 

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By Abigail Fridmann, SYRACUSE N.Y. (NCC News) 

One of the Syracuse public libraries have been hosting a series of educational events this summer. Students of all ages can attend these programs, but one of them is specifically aimed towards teens. 

The Marvelous Monday program is located at the Hazard Branch Public Library. Their mission is to help seventh through twelfth grade students recognize the opportunities libraries have. Hazard Branch Library Assistant, Shauna Modrow, says they don’t only want these students to come in and read. They want the library to be seen as a fun place for everyone.

I wanted to do some activities just to give teens the opportunity to come to the library and do things that aren’t just reading…so do fun things at the library and that’s kind of how this marvelous Monday thing developed. “

These activities include ice cream sandwich making, arts and crafts, homemade slime, and much more. Modrow says students often waste their vacation time and get sucked into technology. She called this time a “slump period”, where many students forget valuable information they learned during the year. They hope these activities are a fun way to keep kids engaged and involved in the community. 

“It’s just, you know, one of those kind of fun things, you know they might not get to do normally, like water balloon olympics, you might not get to do that on your average Monday,” said Modrow. 

She also said there has been a decrease in student involvement this year. Although it is still not clear why so many students aren’t coming to these events, Modrow says she has high hopes for the rest of the summer.

For more information on programs available at the Hazard Branch Library, Modrow encourages community members to visit their website or simply stop by.